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Financial solutions

A package of accounting services in one place from financial, accounting and tax solutions!

Accounting solutions

A package of accounting services in one place from financial, accounting and tax solutions!

Tax solutions

A package of accounting services in one place from financial, accounting and tax solutions!



It consists in preparing of accounts of our company, establishing accounting systems, training employees in them, and extracting the final financial statements.

The tax consulting service is to follow up tax matters for clients and their representatives, fill in self-assessment statements, and collect clearance in addition to the tax planning service..

It consists in carrying out economic feasibility studies for existing and new projects at the level of small, medium and large projects by a specialized consultative staff and from all technical, financial and administrative

Among the most important reasons that require the appointment of an external auditor for institutions is the presence of different parties and bodies that have direct or indirect interests in the institution, which necessitated the institution to adopt

About us


Our company (The Accounting World for Accounting and Tax Services LLC) is a services office specialized in financial services.


About Us

Company (Accounting world for accounting and tax services). A group of finance professionals provide your business an opportunity to advance financially through accounting and finance services regardless of the size of your business. We provide our services for private sector companies all around Jordan and Arab countries , our company world of accounting provides you with all services from starting companies and setting the company’s feasibility, Through professional experience in finance we provide our clients with modern solutions regarding finance accounting and taxation considering the rules and regulations of each country. In the world of accounting we work with high precision confidence to be the first resource for financial and accounting services for businesses and investors that are looking for good quality and trust. The accounting management is the root of success to all successful businesses. In this field we are described as (strong and reliable) with every step we take in our company

How we work!

We work with our professional and precise accounting management skills and you reap the fruits of success. We strive to have a part and clear imprint in the success and growth and improvement for the individuals and investors in local and international companies that we are dealing with in consulting field, accounting and tax services, we strive to keep and grow their investments and gaining the highest possible returns, We create a package of financial, accounting and tax solutions, whatever the size of your business! And it is very cost effective!

Our roadmap

  • Providing consulting services to our clients with the highest level of quality and honesty.
  • Meeting our customers needs and adapting to the changes that occur and give our clients the best and safest accounting practices.
  • Building strong connections and relations with our clients to ensure success and ensure their benefit and satisfaction.
  • We provide efficient services in the world of finance and accounting, consultation and help people get their business started.
  • Continuous development and growth in the world of accounting and following up on the best systems and best practices that are consistent with nature.

Our Principles

  • Commitment to the highest levels of quality and honesty in providing our consultancy services to our clients.
  • We don’t spare any effort to meet our customers’ needs and being above their expectations.
  • We seek to build and maintain strong professional and personal relationships with our clients and gain their trust and satisfaction.
  • We use the best professional experiences and modern scientific approaches in providing our services.
  • The Continuous development and searching for everything new appropriate to the nature of our business, our customers, and the markets in which we operate.
Our clients are always satisfied with the quality of services:
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